Cardio Sculpting Workout: How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Are you wondering who sculpts these angels? Well you can be sculpted like that as well by following a routine directly from Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Personal Trainer David Kirsch. As featured on CBS December 1, 2009 Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Kirsch was training the models before the big show, and he is not kidding, these workouts are tough, you can try more of his exercises in my other routines, like the sumo lunge with frog jump and more. I will post more of his stuff. You can also purchase his books, where he is providing step by step guide on all his workout routines.

Victoria’s Secret Angels are known world wide for their incredible bodies that no other models have.Their signature look is; perky butt, lean and sculpted legs, toned arms, and solid rock abs, while still keeping their womenly curves. Most other models are just plain anorexic skinny without any muscle definition or sign of health in them, that’s what makes the Victoria Secret Angles stand out, regular women can relate to them.

Bottom line, all you need to know is that you can have that body too, if you train hard enough on daily basis and eat healthy food 5-6 times a day small portions.

What’s their secret: its simple, there are no secrets. Just eat organic healthy food, drink plenty of water,eat often and workout really hard everyday. Some of their training includes; running 5 miles a day, kick boxing, resistance training mixed in with cardio, and strength training. This secret is no secret at all, its just a rule of thumb to more healthier, more happier you, more fitter you.

I will post more on Marisa Miller’s (who is featured above)personal favorite exercise moves that help her get these incredible legs, and a sample of her daily diet which was featured in Shape, Fitness, and Cosmopolitin magazine in 2009.

Here is the workout that will help you to get started

3 miles on a treadmill, I started with a warm up .5 mile walk on speed 4.00, then 2 miles ran on speed 6.00 with out a stop, and cooled off with walk on speed 4.00 but raised my elevation to 5.5
total time 35min

Cardio Sculpting
1 min jumpingjak while holding 3lb dumbells
1 min cross over punch with 3lb dumbells
1 min uppercut punches w/5lb dumbells
1 min hook punch w/3lb dumbell
(you can get the illustration on most of these kickboxin moves, and other exercises on line, and you tube)
15 pushups
30sec plank
20reps dumbell flies on a floor 10lb dumbells
20 reps triceps skull crushers 10 lb dumbells
20 crunches on a stability ball
20 crunches on a floor, feet up to the cealing and reaching my hands to my toes
20 bicep curls with 10 lb
15 lateral raises w/5lb dumbells
15 front raises w/5lb dumbells
12 walking lunges
12 squats
12 plie sqauts while holding 6lb med ball

I finished the first set in 19 min, and second set pushed it really hard and finished in 14 minutes
It was a very tough workout, I sweated a lot, and by the time I was done with first round I was so tired but some burst of energy came with the 2nd round, so if you do this wokout please let me know how it went. All these moves could be found on line or on you tube, if for any reason you cant find it, ask me I’ll post a detailed description.

Good Luck!

here are some of David’s books where you can get a picture illustrated step by step guide

The Butt Book

David’s never come across a butt he couldn’t sculpt.He can make them higher, rounder, tighter, and smaller. Think of this book as your butt bible.
You won’t find another book like The Butt Book. In this fun, easy-to-follow, fully illustrated manual, you can depend on exercises being effective, fun, and safe – just like David would do with you in his New York City gym.

New York Body Plan (I got this workout out routine from this book)
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