110 Calorie Bagel

Good morning gorgeous ladies!

Time to rise and shine :) I love mondays ! I always look forward to start the week, and monday just sets me in a mood to start the week on the right track. This morning I started with an easy  cardio workout. I wasn’t hungry at all after my workout because I had a cup of coffee prior to heading out to the gym, so I didn’t have any post-workout shake, after an hour or 2,I had my lovely breakfast:

Today’s Workout:

15min stairs level 8 -10 intervals

15min elliptical

4 sets of 12 reps bicep barbell curl 30lb

This week I really want to give my biceps an extra boost, so with each work out through out the week I will be doing 4 sets of some kind of bicep exercise

Breakfast : Blueberry Bagel with Chocolate Peanut Butter and strawberries with Mint Tea

I just came across this brand Western Bagel: The Alternative Very Blueberry $2.49 of bagels not that long ago,I absolutely love it! It’s only 110 calories and it has 7g of fiber,this is a must buy!It can be found in your local Wal Mart Grocery department in the refrigerated are usually where the cream cheeses are, now,I am saying that because I was looking for these bagels in the bread isle for so long until I was ready to give up,and then when I headed towards the cheese section,that’s where I found it. Oh and one more word about it,its not the bagel thin,it actually has the thickness of a regular bagel,and tastes amazing!

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