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October 2013

Official Kick Start of my Post Baby Shape-Up Workout Diary

20131002-000431.jpgBusy Mom of 2 Precious Boys 9-25-13

7 weeks Post Postpartum feeling fab and flabby :) lol but this is soon to be changed.

I love my log here it has kept me motivated to workout for the last 3+ yrs, and one of the major factors why I was so consistent working out while preggo, I had to admit I loved looking at any giving week and seeing it filled out with workouts and cardio so back to working out consistently I feel very strong already, for the last 2 weeks I did different workouts, and did mainly running/jogging outside for cardio with a stroller on rare occasions without but now its about time that I start logging all my hard work, so in a few months from now when I will be in really nice shape and you ask me how I did it, you can just go though my exercise log and see how hard I worked and what I did exactly.

Week #1 7 wks Postpartum 5 workouts

October 1, 2013 4 mile run/jog/walk (2 miles before breakfast and 2 miles before dinner)

October 2, 2013 Tracy Anderson Method 1 hr total body workout from days 1-10 took me exactly 1 hr 30 reps each side for leg part and 30 min Dance Cardio

October 3, 2013 30 min fastive jogg + few hrs after breakfast 20 min HIIT on a Stairmaster and 30 min back and abs 6 exercises for back and 2 for abs 3 rounds 12-15 reps

October 4, 2013 Active Rest Day 2 mile morning walk + Lots of walking at the Mall

October 5, 2013 Gym Workout

20 min HIIT on treadmill 1 min on 2 min rest then it turned into 90 sec on and 90 rest elevation 3 speed 4 and 7

1st circuit 3 rounds

  • Military shoulder press on smith machine (no additional weight)
  • Split Squat 12 per leg
  • Leg Raises for lower abs 15 reps
  • Plank Knee Tucks 20 total

10 min Elliptical

2nd Circuit

  • Cable Bicep Curls 30 lbs 12x
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl 10 lbs 12x
  • Reverse Lunge holding 10 lbs dumbbells in each hand 12 per leg
  • Shoulder Press with 10 lb 15x

10 min Stairmaster

5 different exercise for abs reps to failure

October 6, 2013 Winsor Pilates 40 min Total Body

Week #2 8wks PP 4 workouts

October 7, 2013 OFF

October 8, 2013 30 min interval cardio
1 min warm up side to side shuffle then adding a jump motion and a butt kick
2 min jump rope
1 min cross over punch
1 min jumping jacks
1 min kettle bell swing
1 min skaters holding 2 lb DB
Repeat 2X
5 min jump rope
10 min free style dance aerobic
Tracy Anderson Method first 7 leg exercises 30 reps on most and some that felt easier I did 40 reps

October 9, 2013 I did 3 mile hike and half of the workout from bikini body plan WO #1

workout 1

October 10, 2013 3 mile Hike on a trail and 7 ab exercises 12-15 reps each

October 11, 2013 Friday 6 mile run min stop it was challenging but I didn’t feel like it was too much I’m definitely getting stronger

October 12, 2013 OFF

October 13, 2013 OFF

Week #3 9wks PP 2 workouts

October 14, 2013 Monday 3 mile run early morning pre breakfast did it under 30 min So proud I my self !
Afternoon 3 mile run with minor hills

October 15, 2013 OFF

October 16, 2013 4 mile walk/jog aprx. 1 hr
Later in the day : gym did 20 min HIIT on stair master and started on back workout but I was called in so I did only seated row , last pull down and seated v crunch 3 sets 12 reps and 20 reps for abs

October 17, 2013 OFF

October 18, 2013 OFF

October 19, 2013 OFF

October 20, 2013 OFF

Week #4 10 wks PP

October 21, 2013 4 mile jogg, 30 min cardio at the gym, and 45 min weights ( Back & Abs 4 super sets) burned aprx 550 cals

October 22 , 2013 6 mile run took me 1 hr 15 min with a stroller and it was not straight path lots of cross walks burned aprx 700 cals

October 23 , 2013 3 mile fastive run (32 min) + 40 min evening in home cardio and 40 min strength training routine Tone It Up Workout I did that 3x and switched leg clams with 12 bicep curls 10lbs DB + another mini circuit 3x 30 kettle bell swings, 15 bicep curls, 12 pushups 906 calories burned

October 24 , 2013 30 min elliptical and i did the whole workout that my trainer put me through last year before I got preggo, it felt very good to be able to workout in the same intensity level that I did prior to pregnancy

Workout #1

  1. Leg Press 20x 45lbs plate a side ( for today’s modification since leg press machine was literally taken the whole time I was at the gym I did leteral step ups 15x a side on a medium height plyo stool)…………Push Ups 12x 4 sets
  2. Bar Back Squats 20x 45-85 lbs ……………Standing Military Press 15x 20 lbs Barbell
  3. Lunge to DB Press 15x 8 lbs ………………..Lateral DB raise 15x 5 lbs
  4. Alternating Jump Lunges 15/side…………Front DB Raise 15x 5lbs
  5. Jump Squats 20x………………………………….Tricep Push Downs 15x 40 lbs ( Today I did cable bicep curl because I just care more for bicep right now than my triceps)

October 25, 2013 20 min elliptical, 20 min treadmill, 20 min weights Back 6 exercises for back 3 sets 12-15 reps heavy weight as much as I can handle

October 26, 2013 OFF

October 27, 2013 40 min morning in home cardio burned 400 calories + 4 mile run total calorie burn for today about 850

Week #5 11 wks PP

October 28, 2013 35 min stair master morning cardio+ evening strength training workout  chest and biceps burned about 700 cals total time 1 hr 40 min

October 29, 2013 20 min elliptical, 1 hr and 10 min interval strength training workout and finished off with 10 min stairs burned a little over 700 calories

October 30, 2013 30 min elliptical, Back Workout 6 different exercises 3 sets burned aprx 400 cals + 3 mile walk/jog

October 31, 2013  3 mile walk/jog

November 1, 2013 OFF

November 2, 2013 OFF

November 3, 2013 OFF

August 2013

42 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 8/9/13

Saturday 8/10/13 went in to get induced (finally)

Sunday 8/11/13 gave birth at 1:16am

Monday 8/12/13

41 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 8/2/13 OFF

Saturday 8/3/13 OFF

Sunday 8/4/13 OFF

Monday 8/5/13 2 mile walk

Tuesday 8/6/13 about 3 mile walk 1 hr total

Wednesday 8/7/13 4 mile walk split in 2 walks

Thursday 8/8/13

July 2013

40 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 7/26/13 2 mile walk

Saturday 7/27/13

Sunday 7/28/13

Monday 7/29/13 3 mile walk

Tuesday 7/30/13

Wednesday 7/31/13

39 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 7/19/13

Saturday 7/20/13 2 mile walk

Sunday 7/21/13

Monday 7/22/13 cardio and weight training 1 hr total

Tuesday 7/23/13

Wednesday 7/24/13 1 hr and 20 min weight training workout and 3 mile walk

Thursday 7/25/13 5 mile walk

38 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 7/12/13 1 mile walk (bare minimum of physical activity)

Saturday 7/13/13

Sunday 7/14/13

Monday 7/15/13

Tuesday 7/16/13

Wednesday 7/17/13

Thursday 7/18/13

37 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 7/5/13 OFF Sick

Saturday 7/6/13 OFF Sick

Sunday 7/7/13 OFF Sick

Monday 7/8/13 OFF

Tuesday 7/9/13 5 mile walk

Wednesday 7/10/13 OFF

Thursday 7/11/13 4.5 mile walk plus 30 min elliptical

36 weeks Pregnant

Monday 7/1/13 1 hr 25 min total body weight training + 3 mile walk

Tuesday 7/2/13 OFF Sick

Wednesday 7/3/13 OFF Sick

Thursday 7//4/13 OFF Sick

June 2013

36 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 6/28/13 OFF

Saturday 6/29/12 2 mile walk and 1 hr cardio at the gym (that was tough)

Sunday 6/30/13 OFF

35 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 6/21/13 6mile walk 3x 2mile each

Saturday 6/22/13 3.mile walk + 30min swimming laps non stop

Sunday 6/23/13 2 mile fast paste walk 32min

Monday 6/24/13 OFF

Tuesday 6/25/13 3 mile walk took me about 58 min and 60 min total body weight training + 10 min elliptical

Wednesday 6/26/13 2 mile walk in the morning later on 60 min weight training total body and 30 min elliptical

Thursday 6/27/13 60 min weight training session with a trainer

34 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 6/14/13 OFF

Saturday 6/15/13 walk 3.5 miles

Sunday 6/16/13 OFF

Monday 6/17/13 60min weight training 15min elliptical 2mile walk

Tuesday 6/18/13 3.5 mile walk

Wednesday 6/19/13 3 mile walk in the morning weights 60min 20 min elliptical

Thursday 6/06/13 workout with a trainer total body about 60min

33 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 6/07/13 2 mile fast paste walk first thing in the morning before breakfast

Saturday 6/08/13 Biceps, Triceps and Legs workout, 15 min cardio 2 mile to and back from the gym 750 cal

Sunday 6/09/13 OFF

Monday 6/10/13 15 min cardio on elliptical, 2 mile walk to and back from the gym, shoulders and back weight training 200 cal

Tuesday 6/11/13 2 mile walk there and back from the gym, 45 min cardio 15 min on elliptical, inclined walk, bike 600 cal

Wednesday 6/12/13 20 min elliptical, 2 mile walk there and back from the gym, 65 min weight training Legs and Chest 5 supersets 723 cal

Thursday 6/13/13 4 mile walk

32 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 5/31/13 walk to the gym, 15 min elliptical, 60 min weight training 1st circuit 5 exercises for shoulders and chest did 3 sets, 2nd circuit 3 exercises biceps, triceps, and legs did 3 sets

Saturday 6/01/13 OFF

Sunday 6/02/13 OFF

Monday 6/03/13 OFF

Tuesday 6/04/13 3 mile + walk

Wednesday 6/05/13 Back and Shoulders weights and 30 min cardio

Thursday 6/06/13 1 hr 8 min walk up and down the hills burned 400+ calories

May 2013

This month I will have weekly goals so refer to each week for specific weekly goals

31 Weeks Pregnant

This Week I took off from the gym almost completely, I wasn’t feeling all that well and I felt like I really needed extra rest which worked out really good to my favor

Friday 5/24/13 OFF

Saturday 5/25/13 OFF

Sunday 5/26/13 OFF

Monday 5/27/13 OFF

Tuesday 5/28/13 1.5hr walk outdoors

Wednesday 5/29/13 walk to gym and back (2miles) 15 min elliptical + 60 min weight training + 2 mile walk later in the after noon

Thursday 5/30/13 Active rest day, walked about 3 miles

30 Weeks Pregnant

Goals fro this Week

  • 3x weight training 50-60 min sessions (Friday, Monday + Wednesday)
  • 30 min cardio on weight training days 15 before and 15 after (Friday, Monday + Wednesday)
  • Tuesday & Thursday 1 hr Fastive walk at 7am, and 1 hr after lunch walk ( aim for 6 miles total)
  • Saturday & Sunday Active Rest Days: Family walks during nap time minimum 3 miles ( track it with my GPS watch)

Friday 5/17/13 65 min weigh training mainly arms and shoulders (heavy weights) and 18 min stairs+ 15 min inclined walk

Saturday 5/18/13 Active rest day, we walked a lot today not sure how many miles but aprx 3-4 miles

Sunday 5/19/13 OFF

Monday 5/20/13 1 hr walk with hills took it OFF from the gym was feeling overly tired all day today

Tuesday 5/21/13 2 mile walk to and back form the gym, 60 min weight training Legs and Biceps 5 supersets 3 sets each, each superset had a leg and bicep exercise

Wednesday 5/22/13 2 mile walk to and back from the gym, 60 min weight training with my PT focused on back, triceps and chest mostly TRX and some weights some body weight

Thursday 5/23/13 I dont remember what I did but I burned 350 cal in 1 hr 15 min according to my Garmin watch history

29 Weeks Pregnant

Goals for This Week

  • 3x weight training+20 min cardio @ the gym, (Friday, monday, Wednesday)
  • Saturday & Sunday ( at least 3 mile walk preferably early morning before breakfast, keep track on my Garmin watch)
  • Tuesday& Thursday ( 600 calorie burn goal, do any cardio I want (walk, or gym) it doesn’t matter but make sure I have my HRM to see that I met my goal)

Friday 5/10/13 50 min weight training session with my PT ( back. arms, and legs) 10 min bike, 10 min inclined walk

Saturday 5/11/13 walked 5 miles during son’s nap

Sunday 5/12/13 walked 3 miles took about 1 hr

Monday 5/13/13 60 min weight training 3 mini circuits worked total body + 30 min cardio on elliptical

Tuesday 5/14/13 4 mile walk, 50 cardio at the gym burned above 600 calories

Wednesday 5/15/13 6-7mile walk, 15 min elliptical, 45-50min strength training workout from Self Mag 8 fat burning moves (3 sets)

Thursday 5/16/13 about 2-3 mile walk

28 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 5/03/13 50 min training session with PT

Saturday 5/04/13 3mile morning walk before breakfast

Sunday 5/05/13 OFF

Monday 5/06/13 1 mile walk to the gym, and 40 min weight training burned aprx. 300 calories

Tuesday 5/07/13 2.2 mile walk up the the crazy SF hills

Wednesday 5/08/13 50 min weight training with my PT and 30 min cardio

Thursday 5/09/13 about 6-7 miles Beach walk with some hills burned 700 calories

April 2013 Goals

This month I will finish up my 2nd trimester which means that I should be still full of energy and able to stick to pretty consistent training schedule, last month I was barely working out on 1 of the weeks I went to the gym once, others 2x so this month is not the time to relax since I will be growing a lot more in months to come, and it will only get harder so I do want to take full advantage of these next last 4WEEKS of my 2nd trimester.

In fact, a scheduled weekly routine is just what I need to feel like things are in order, since I was feeling a little out of whack lately :)

this is what my whole month of April Schedule will look like

Friday Workout w/PT + 30min cardio

Saturday OFF maybe Yoga class OR a long walk 3-5miles

Sunday OFF

Monday Workout with PT+ 30min cardio

Tuesday 60min cardio at the Gym

Wednesday Workout with PT+ 30min cardio

Thursday 60 min cardio at the Gym

So, the goals are

  • have only 2 days off a week, that does not mean I won’t do anything at all on days OFF a good 60min( split into 2) walk should always be part of my schedule weather I am working out or not, but 5X a week I will be attending gym because outdoor cardio is not an option anymore since I quit running at 20 weeks
  • 3X week weight training total body circuit with my PT + 30 min cardio+ 2 mile walk to and back from the gym (don’t take the car this month so plan accordingly not to be late)
  • 2X week 60 min cardio session + 2 mile walk to and back from the gym, so that means mon-fri be at the gym everyday in the morning,it will help if I leave the house at the same time everyday, so it becomes a habit and that way it will be much easier to stick to my routine
  • always reserve weekends for days OFF since the chances of me going to the gym on a weekend are not as good as on the week days
  • Report to Exercise Log everyday, because I do tend to forget if I don’t do it for few days
  • Have my HRM at all time because it motivates me and keeps me in check
  • Do get at least 8hrs of sleep everyday 11pm bed time 7am get up
  • Drink minimum of 3L of water a day
  • Track down my weight. measurements and belly picture. every Friday morning as I count down the last 17 weeks sadly I didn’t do that for this first half of pregnancy I really regret that it would be so much fun to see how my belly was developing, all I know is that after like week 18, my stomach just grew big time, but after week 20 it was a real deal

April 2013

27 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 4/26/13 45min weight training with PT and 30 min cardio

Saturday 4/27/13 20min stairs, 50min weight training, 15 min elliptical

Sunday 4/28/13 OFF

Monday 4/29/13 OFF

Tuesday 4/30/13 4.5 mile walk from play date park to the beach (lots of hills)

Wednesday 5/1/13 1mile to gym walk, 45 min weight training with PT, 10 min bike, 1 mile jog/run back home

Thursday 5/2/13 OFF

26 Weeks Pregnant

I haven’t updated my exercise journal that whole week and honestly I forgot what I did, I know I had atleast 3 sessions with my PT that week other than that I have no idea what I did

Friday 4/19/13 OFF

Saturday 4/20/13 OFF

Sunday 4/21/13 2 mile walk

Monday 4/22/13

Tuesday 4/23/13 30 min cardio 45 weight training with my PT plus 4 mile walk

Wednesday 4/24/1 3 walked 1 mile to the gym, 20 min cardio at the gym, and 30 min weight training

Thursday 4/25/13 45 min weights, 45 min cardio walk to and back from the gym

25 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 4/12/13 Cardio 1hr walk/jog before breakfast and 30min elliptical later that day total calorie burn 620

Saturday 4/13/13 OFF active rest day

Sunday 4/14/13 OFF active rest day 3mile walk while my son napped 56min exactly

Monday 4/15/13 Weights & Cardio Walk to gym and back. Workout with my PT targeted arms and shoulders. 30min elliptical

Tuesday 4/16/13 OFF

Wednesday 4/17/13 Weights & Cardio 60min weights total body 3 circuits 3 sets each , 20min cardio , 25min stretching and 1mile walk

Thursday 4/18/13 Outdoor Cardio 4.5 mile walk with plenty of hills burned 450 calories

24 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 4/5/13 60 min weight training, 35 min cardio and 3.7 mile walk later after my workout ( 900 calorie burn total)

Saturday 4/6/13 OFF

Sunday 4/7/13 OFF

Monday 4/8/13 OFF (my baby was sick)

Tuesday 4/9/13 walk to the gym, 15 min elliptical, 40 min WO w/PT, 15 min bike, walk during son’s nap 3.5 miles (1000 cal burn)

Wednesday 4/10/13 walk to the gym, 15 min elliptical, total body circuit training with my PT, 40 min walk during son’s nap (900 cal burn)

Thursday 4/11/13 20 min inclined walk 9 incline and speed 3.4 50 min total body weight training 4 super sets 3 sets each 15 min elliptical walk to and back fro the gym (850 calories burned)

23 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 3/29/13 3 mile walk, 30min cardio (10 elliptical, 20 cycling, 1 set of walking lunges 50 reps) Workout with PT aprx 750calories burned

Saturday 3/30/13 90 min outdoor cardio run/ elevated walk/jog I think I did aprx 6miles burned around 600 calories

Sunday 3/31/13 OFF

Monday 04/01/13 30 min circuit training with my PT and 30 min lower body circuit training by my self around 300 calories burn

Tuesday 04/02/13 60 min cardio at the gym plus 2 mile walk to and back from the gym 700 calorie burn

Wednesday 04/03/13 OFF

Thursday 04/04/1350 min total body circuit training with my PT focus legs and shoulders 30 min cardio, and 2 mile walk to and back from the gym

March 2013

22 Week Pregnant

Friday 3/22/13 workout with my PT and 30min cardio

Saturday 3/23/13 OFF

Sunday 3/24/13 OFF

Monday 3/25/13 workout with my PT + 30min cardio 10/10/10 stairs, treadmill, inclines walk

Tuesday 3/26/13 OFF

Wednesday 3/27/13 45min cardio 10/10/10 elliptical, treadmill, cycling + work out with my /PT

Thursday 3/28/13 60 min cardio combination of elliptical, cycling, and inclined walk and few sets of walking lunges and shuffles + 2 mile walk 600 calories burned

21 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 3/15/13 45 min total body circuit, 20 min inclined walk and 3.5 mile walk

Saturday 3/16/13 OFF

Sunday 3/17/13 OFF

Monday 3/18/13 OFF

Tuesday 3/19/13 50 min total body circuit with my PT and 30 min stairs

Wednesday 3/20/13 OFF

Thursday 3/21/13 60 min cardio and upper body weights 20 min + 2 mile walk to and back from the gym

20 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 3/8/13 OFF (out of town/visiting mom)

Saturday 3/9/13 OFF (out of town/visiting mom)

Sunday 3/10/13 OFF (out of town/visiting mom)

Monday 3/11/13 40 min total body circuit + 15 min cardio+2 mile walk

Tuesday 3/12/13 OFF

Wednesday 3/13/13 OFF

Thursday 3/14/13 3.5 mile walk

19 Weeks Pregnant

Friday 3/1/13 6 mile walk

Saturday 3/2/13 3.5 mile Power Walk, 30min Elliptical and 50 min Total Body Workout

Sunday 3/3/13 3 mile walk

Monday 3/4/13 50 min total body circuit with PT+ 30 min cardio

Tuesday 3/5/13 OFF

Wednesday 3/6/13 OFF

Thursday 3/7/13 45 min total body circuit with PT + 10 min elliptical

May 2012

May 15 Tuesday Home Cardio 30 min/ 300 calories jump rope, and cardio kick boxing

May 14 Monday Track Cardio: running, jump rope, plyos, stairs just a mix of everything for a little over 50 min

May 13 Sunday OFF

May 12 Saturday 4.6 mile run followed by 5 min of running the stairs @ home, burned 500 cals in 50 min

May 11 Friday 4.5 mile run followed by 60 min Total Body Sculpting Cardio by David Kirsch

May 10 Thursday OFF

May 9 Wednesday 4 mile run along the piers in SF

May 8 Tuesday 30 min run, 15 min plyos, and 15 min elliptical

May 7 Monday OFF

May 6 Sunday OFF

May 5 Saturday 1 hr cardio

May 4 Friday weight training shoulders and abs and 1 hr cardio

May 3 Thursday leg and abs weight training 50 min + 20 min cardio

May 2 Wednesday Weight Training and Cardio Eason Live Trainer Week #1

May 1 Tuesday Weight Training and 4.5 mile run for Cardio + 20 min elliptical Eason Live Trainer Week #1

April 30 Monday 50 min cardio + weight training chest and triceps Jaime Eason Live Trainer Week #1

March 2012

Week #13

March 26 Monday 50 min INTENSE heavy weight/ low rep weight training (full body)

March 27 Tuesday OFF

March 28 Wednesday 4 mile outdoor run, 30 min HIIT cardio, high rep full body workout

March 29 Thursday 30 min HIIT cardio, later 4 mile run, later at the gym I did moderate rep full body weight training

March 30 Friday4 mile outdoor run

March 31 Saturday

April 1 Sunday

Week #12

March 19 Monday Back and Chest Interval Weight Training + 3 min Intense Cardio in between each set 6 sets total + 3mile outdoor run

March 20 Tuesday OFF

March 21 Wednesday 5 mile outdoor run (500 cal)

March 22 Thursday 3 mile run at 6mph and 10 min random aerobics total burn 400 calories

March 23 Friday Upper Body Weight Training, and 1 hr walk

March 24 Saturday 3 mile run outdoors

March 25 Sunday 8.5 mile run 3 of them was HIIT cardio and 1 set of work out from current SELF issue with Karena and Katrina


March 12 Monday 3 mile outdoor run with 15 min strength training exercises, + a lot of walking all day

March 13 Tuesday OFF

March 14 Wednesday High Intensity cardio at home burned 450 cals

March 15 Thursday OFF

March 16 Friday Lower Body Weight Training with 6 rounds of 5 min HIIT cardio total 1 hr burned 600 cals

March 17 Saturday 3 mile run and 30 min cardio at home

March 18 Sunday Bikini Strap workout with interval cardio


March 5 Monday 30 min jump rope cardio

March 6 Tuesday 1 hr HIIT cardio at the gym burned 600 cals

March 7 Wednesday OFF

March 8 Thursday OFF

March 9 Friday Upper Body Weight Training Workout +cardio in between

March 10 Saturday 1 mile run outside + super day active cleaned all day today

March 11 Sunday 6 mile run outside burned 600+ calories

Week #9

March 1 Thursday 1 hr cardio burned 450 calories

March 2 Friday active rest day we walked a lot aprx. 2 miles

March 3 Saturday OFF

March 4 Sunday 3 mile run outside + went to the gym for some serious lower body weight training

2012 February

Goal for this month

  • stay 85% or more active (25/29 active days: active day is defined as 30 min of strenuous aerobic activity or strength training, or few days could be an exception of 1hr+ walking outside since that equals to 30 min strenuous aerobic activity)
  • Incorporate Yoga at least 1x a week
  • Continue running 10 miles a week at the minimum, shoot for 40-50 miles this month
  • Work on improving my fitness level (preform before and after fitness test score)

February Stats

  • 24/29 days active 83% active
  • I went to Yoga class only 2 time, the goal was 4 times
  • Total weight Loss: 4 lbs weight loss this month I really hit home going lower than I have seen in the past 9 months
  • I was right on target with my running until I stopped counting but my estimate is that I was right around 37-40 miles this month
  • I did not take a fitness test, so there was no way to see how much I’ve improved I guess I wasn’t really consciously aware of that goal that’s why now I will be making weekly goals for the rest of month of March, 2012
  • Body Fat % is still the same 19.5%

Tracking my miles for the month of February

Week 1 feb 1-5: 4 miles

Week 2 feb 6-12: 11.1 miles

Week 3 feb 13-19 : 15.5 miles

Week 4 feb 20-29: for some reason I stopped tracking my miles but I did run that week, just not sure how many miles

Week #8

I stopped tracking my workout on feb 20th, so almost 1 month later I sat down and tried to remember most of my workouts, some I was able to get from face book check-ins. I really liked how I was able to track my workouts from the beginning of this year, I like the goal setting and evaluation at the end of the month, so I want to continue tracking my workouts on daily basis.

Monday feb 20 OFF

Tuesday feb 21 1 hr cardio at the gym stair master, and elliptical

Wednesday feb 22 1 hr cardio and 30 min total body workout

Thursday feb 23 30 min outdoor running and Abs

Friday feb 24 30 min cardio in the morning and later 1 hr TIU total body workout

Saturday feb 25 BC 30 min walk/jog + 30 HIIT cardio on elliptical, and 30 min Abs

Sunday feb 26 30 min elliptical

Monday feb 27 not sure exactly what I did but for sure at the minimum it was a 30 min cardio since I was on TIU slim down plan

Tuesday Feb 28 35 min cardio at home + 3mile run outside

Wednesday feb 29 Jump rope circuit workout at home + 20 min cardio after noon+ 35 min weight training

Week #7

Monday feb 13 OFF

Tuesday feb 14 55 min cardio, 30 min elliptical, and 25 min treadmill, ran 1.5 miles on speed 6-7mph and inclined walk the rest of the time

Wednesday feb 15 OFF

Thursday feb 16 ran 3 miles outside on a track, then ran up and down stadium stairs total of 7 times + 20 min step master 1 hr cardio total

Friday feb 17 1 hr cross training cardio and 30 min upper body weight training

Saturday feb 18 1 hr cardio (5 mile run, 10 min inclined walking)+ Legs and Glutes

Sunday feb 19 50 min cardio and full body weight training

Week #6

Monday feb 6 OFF

Tuesday feb 7 3 mile run on a indoor track 30 min, 10 min deep static stretch

Wednesday feb 8 1 hr Yoga class (loved it), 40 min Upper body 550 rep weight training workout

Thursday feb 9 OFF

Friday feb 10 4 mile run broken in 3 intervals, and 300 reps of leg workout 100 for deep squats, 100 for kirtsy squats, 100 dead lifts, 30 min Yoga

Saturday feb 11 30 min stair master, 1 mile run 10 min, and 20 min inclined walk 15.0 incline and 4mph walk, 15 min deep stretch and abs

Sunday feb 12 ran outside 3.1 miles 32 minutes total, 5 min deep static stretch

2012 January

In the first month of this year 2012 I have made a conscious effort to workout as regularly as I can; I never made a set limit of days/per week I want to workout per say, but I really wanted to push my limits to the maximum so here here are my results

January Stats

(these stats only cover January so that would be technically first 4 weeks+ few days in the 5th week)

  • 22/31 days active 71% active

  • 2/22 were active days of lots of walking more than 1 hr and 20 days were workouts at the gym

  • 5-6 d/week on avrg working out and 1-2 days on avrg rest

  • Total weight Loss: 3 lb (without really dieting)

Week #5

Monday jan 30 1hr cardio

Tuesday jan 31 OFF

Wednesday feb 1 50 min cardio on stair master

Thursday feb 2 40 min cardio on treadmill and 15min core

Friday feb 3 1 mile warm up, 20 min interval cardio with upper body circuit

Saturday feb 4th ACTIVE REST DAY1 hr brisk walk outside

Sunday Feb 5th ZWOW crazy leg workout with a 5 min warm up on elliptical

Week #4

Monday jan 23 30 MIN elliptical, and 15 min stair master, Hot Burn Workout 30 min

Tuesday jan 24 45 min cardio

Wednesday jan 25 OFF

Thursday jan 26 OFF

Friday jan 27 OFF

Saturday jan 28 ACTIVE REST DAY lots of walking went to bay area and walked for about 2 hours

Sunday Jan 29 60 min cardio on a treadmill 4 mile run 20 min elevate walk/jog

Week #3

Monday jan 16 60 min cardio

Tuesday jan 17 30 min cardio running 20 min on a indoor track and 10 min stairs

Wednesday jan 18 David Kirsh Total Body circuit 3 sets with 5 min jump rope in between and 15 min elliptical

Thursday jan 19 500 rep brutal workout and 20 min stairs

Friday jan 20 30 min on a treadmill completed 3 mile run, then did weight training circuit biceps, shoulders, triceps, quads and glutes 50 reps each, Fat Exorcism workout

Saturday jan 21 60 min cardio, 30 min stairs and 3 min elliptical


Week #2

Sunday jan 8 10 min warm up 1 mile run, lower body circuit 20 min interval cardio after each circuit 4×5

Monday jan 9 OFF

Tuesday jan 10 OFF

Wednesday jan 11 OFF

Thursday jan 12 60 min cardio and biceps 10 exercises 10 reps each

Friday jan 13 3.1 mile run outside in 26 min

Saturday jan 1465 min cardio

Sunday jan 15 75 min cardio, 15 min elliptical, 15 min inclined power walk 4.5mph, 20 min stair master, 15 min 6mph run, 10 min inclined walk

Week #1

Sunday jan 1 60 min cardio 30 min stair master , 30 min treadmill. Biceps and Triceps Weight Training 6 exercises 3 sets of 12 reps.

Monday jan 2 10 min 1 mile warm up and upper body circuit with 20 min of cardio in between

Tuesday jan 3 OFF

Wednesday jan 4 30 min cardio on elliptical

Thursday jan 5 30 min cardio on a treadmill and lower body circuit with 20 min cardio in between after each circuit

Friday jan 6 30 min cardio on a step master and Upper Body Circuit with 15 min cardio in between after each circuit 4 sets total

Saturday jan 7 50 min cardio on a treadmill 40 min running 6pmh and 10 min walking 15% incline 4mph

40 days Bikini ready by January Challenge Workout Log

(goal is to do something everyday at the bare minimum 30 min brisk walk outside to a full blown cardio with resistance training, the idea is to balance it out through the week)

DAY 1 11/22 4.1 mile run/jog in 50 min, first 20 min non stop, then just a few 1-2 min rest periods of walking

DAY2 11/23 30 min run/jog/walk outside first thing in the morning (FTITM) Back and Abs weight training at the gym then 3 rounds of Bikini Strap Workout

DAY3 Today is Thanksgiving and I planned for a run but it was raining and I didn’t even think to check because it was so sunny in the past week, didn’t have proper attire for running in rain, and some medical conditions as well that kept me from running, any way to get some type of exercise done I did 3 sets of my fave muscles groups Bicep curl into a shoulder press using 10lb dumbbells 15 reps

DAY4 3.1 mile run FTITM then I did Beach Bum workout followed by Best Arm Circuit

DAY5 1 hr walk outside

DAY6 1 hr walk outside , Lean Leg Pyramid

DAY7 FTITM 3 circuits of Best arm Workout, 50 min cardio 30 min step mill and 20 min treadmill 1.75 miles, Leg and Abs routine

DAY8 20 min step mill, boot camp class, and Back Weight Training ROUTINE

DAY9 ==============Took a day off, a much deserved one, I would of gladly went for a walk but it was FREEEEZING outside

DAY10============== day went out of whack no exercise and there was totally time for it, I just didn’t plan it right

DAY11 Dec. 2nd Friday ==========INJURED MY LOWER BACK Headed out to the track for an exciting high intensity workout, and injured my back really bad

DAY12===================OFF Injured, recovering

DAY13 still recovering, I was able to go for a very slow walk holding on to a stroller for like 15-20 min and did 3 sets of 10 elevated push ups holding on to a bench

DAY14 Monday 12/5/2011 =============== I feel better, but still hard time walking NO EXERCISE of any kind

DAY15 I feel much better, first thing in the morning went for a 45 min walk, the weather was lovely:)

DAY16 today is Wednesday dec.7th I think I am back I was able to do a intense 30 min cardio, I utilized parking garage 60-step stair in my university, it was so nice to break a sweat after a whole week off

DAY17 1 hr cardio, breakdown: 30 min 3 mile run then 15 min walk on 15.00 incline and 15 min step mill, then 40 min strength/ resistance training

DAY18 3.1 mile run 30 minutes, 30 min step aerobic class, 30 min pilates class, and 20 min step mill

DAY19 sat ==================OFF completely didnt paln my time right but I was extremely soar still from the other two days

DAY20 sun HIIT 30 min pop pilates in the morning, 60 min of 10 total body exercises and 3 min jump rope in between 1 mile run in 10 and 20 min elevated 15. incline walk/jog, 10 min cool down yoga/pilates type stretches

DAY21 mon 30 min elliptical and Body Pump Class 6 days off out of 21 due to injury but other than that I am right on track with the level of intensity and complexity of my workouts, its definably progressing . 25 min jump rope with breaks in between 5 min intervals

DAY22 tue 1 hr HIIT 6 exercises total body workout and 6 min jump rope in between each exercise of 3 sets 10 reps + 40 min WALK

DAY23 35 min cardio mixture of step aerobic, plyos, jump rope and house stairs

DAY24 thu Another HIIT workout, what can I say I figured it burn most calories in the least time, you can’t beat that. 10 min intervals jump rope in between a circuit of strength training get details on my dec.15th post

DAY25 fri 1 hr cardio 30 min treadmill and 30 min elliptical

DAY26 sat 1 hr cardio and full body weight training

DAY27 sun active rest day walked for 2 hrs

DAY28 mon 30 min jumprope, body pump, 30 min elliptical

DAY29 tue very active day from early morning to midnight cleaned the house so no workout today

DAY30 wed 45 min trip cardio 15 min on stair master, treadmill 6pmh, and inclined walk 4mph 15-24%, very active day shopped for like 3 hrs walking

DAY31 thu 60 min walk outside

DAY32 fri=============off

DAY33 sat christmas eve============= off

DAY34 sunday christmas 4 mile run outside

DAY35 30 min cardio and glutes

DAY36 60 min cardio

DAY37 wed 45 min cardio

DAY38 =============off

DAY39 ============off

DAY40 30 min cardio 25 min upper and lower body weight training

October and first part of November was doucumented in my journal if I ever have the time I will transfer the data onto here, but I’ve done on avrg 4x a week of cardio and weight training some weeks 6 days, some weeks little less but on average somewhere around there.

September 2011

Chicken Tuna


Monday 19- 60 min cardio 30 min total body workout, 10 min stretching

Tuesday 20- OFF

Wednesday 21-60 min cardio (stair master) 15 min total body circuit

Thursday 22-10 min warm up high intensity on stair master, BodyRock workout 30 min

Friday 23-

Saturday 24-

Sunday 25-


Monday 12-30 min cardio, lower body weight training

Tuesday 13-off

Wednesday 14-off

Thusday 15-30 min cardio and lower body weight training

Friday 16- 60 min brisk walk

Saturday 17- 60 min cardio, 30 min weights upper body, and deep stretching

Sunday 18- Very active day walked for about 2-3hrs , 30 min full body workout at home, followed by deep stretch

Week #2

Monday 5- 30 min Elliptical and 35 min Weight Training Circuit Full Body

Tuesday 6 -10 min Elliptical and Full Body Weights

Wednesday 7-off

Thursday 8-off

Friday 9-off

Saturday 10-off

Sunday 11-off

Week #1

Thursday 1- 15min warm up on elliptical and Weight Training Biceps and Triceps & Abs

Friday 2-OFF

Saturday 3- Weight Training 45 min Back, Chest & Legs and 1 mile on treadmill as fast as I could

Sunday 4- Active Rest Day walked for about 60 min

August 2011

Inspirational Image of the Month

Final Days of month of August

Monday 29- off

Tuesday 30- off

Wednesday 31- 40 min cardio and weight training full body circuit 4 sets of 12 reps

Week #4 This week’s goal is to hit the gym 5x cardio , 3x weights, 1x HIIT, 1x at home full body workout, and active rest day 60 min walk outside

Monday 22- 30 min treadmill high/low intensity intervals, Legs & Glutes

Tuesday 23- today I walked for 1.5 hr at the park after my dinner

Wednesday 24- 30 min “emergency” full body High Intensity workout

Thursday 25-1 hr cardio 4×15 elliptical, treadmill, stair master, stationary bike 15 min each and 30 min Abs

Friday 26- 45 min cardio elliptical 470 calories and weight training back and abs

Saturday 27- 1,000 calories burn cardio session, biceps and triceps abs

Sunday 28-OFF


Monday 15-OFF

Tuesday 16- OFF

Wednesday 17- OFF

Thursday 18-45 min full body weight training in super set style

Friday 19- 45 min cardio and Upper Body: Chest, shoulders and abs Weight Training

Saturday 20- 1000 calorie burn JNL Fusion workout it took me about 50 min to complete

Sunday 21- Arms Weight Training biceps, triceps and Shoulders and 30 min elliptical + 60 min walking

Week #2

Monday 8 – 30 min cardio and bicep barbell curls

Tuesday 9- OFF

Wednesday 10- 50 min cardio, and back+ 45 min walk

Thursday 11- Body Pump Class +30 min walk

Friday 12- OFF

Saturday 13- 45 min cardio and upper body strength

Sunday 14- 60 min walking


Monday 1- 30 min cardio and glutes + 30 min walk

Tuesday 2- 30 min cardio and weight training: arms and shoulders

Wednesday 3- OFF

Thursday 4-OFF

Friday 5-OFF

Saturday 6-45 min cardio, back and chest

Sunday 7 – OFF

April 22- April 28, 2011
Friday 4/22 a lot of slow
paste walking over an hour, don’t know exact bu I walked a lot
Saturday 4/23 30min elliptical, back, abs, and legs
strength training about 25min
Sunday 4/24 off
Monday 4/25 off
Tuesday 4/26 off
Wednesday 4//27 off
Thursday 4/28 30 min elliptical, 20 min of
strength training biceps, legs, and abs

April 29- May 5, 2001
Friday 4/29 off
Saturday 4/30
Sunday 5/1 off
Monday 5/2 1 hr
walk on a bike trail
Tuesday 5/3 off
Wednesday 5/4 6 diff. sets of 10 reps
Thursday 5/5 crunches, pushu ps,plie
squats 3 sets of 10 at home

May 6-
May 12, 2001

Friday 5/6 1 hr power walk on a bike
Saturday 5/7 30min cardio 5-6 mph and 25 min abs,4 sets of 10
deep squats
Sunday 5/8 1-2 hr walk , went to bay area so I walked a
Monday 5/9 40 min brisk walk in the park, strength training using
body weight 4 sets of 10-15 reps, low squats, push ups, 75 crunches, mountain
climber, and 1 min side plank on each side
Tuesday 5/10 30 min elliptical
biceps and back, deadlifts

Wednesday 5/11 off
5/12 30 min elliptical 15 min stairmaster, shoulders, back and

February 2011 Exercise Log

Inspirational Image for this

This month is all about seeing
results, I have been acquainted with fitness far too long to just keep on
working out aimlessly and see no visible results, for this month I will focus on
improving my Strength Endurance and trimming body fat by preforming HIIT (you
can read more about in in my February Goals Post) , and another key concept is
to stay active every day even if it’s just push ups or lunges. Also I will
adjust my diet to help my muscles pop (show) which means I need to decrease my
body fat %.
I have adopted the 5 week
Challenge from BodyRock.Tv that I also talk more about in my FebGoal Post.
Hopefully this month will bring forth some visual results,after all it’s my
b-day in the beginning of March which will make me push even harder. Wish me
luck, and I hope that my results in the end will motivate you to get off your
butt and start working out.

February 1 – February 6, 2011
2/1 4
min sweat workout
+ I did original push ups
through out the day aprx. 20 all together 70 deep squats through out the day as
Wednesday 2/2 Ass Busting
Workout 20min strength/cardio 20 min

Thursday 2/3 330
Rep Body Sculpting Work Out

Friday 2/4 1hr
Saturday 2/5 500 rep workout and a 45
min walk
Sunday 2/61 hr

February 7 – February 13,

Monday 2/7 Home Workout weight
Tuesday 2/8 one leg squats and
dead lifts through out the day
Wednesday 2/9 45 min Weight / resistance Training, back, biceps and
Thursday 2/10
Saturday 2/12
Sunday 2/13

February14 -
February 20, 1011

Monday 2/14
Tuesday 2/15
Wednesday 2/16

February 21 -
February 28, 1011

Monday 2/21
Tuesday 2/22
Thursday 2/24
Friday 2/25
Saturday 2/26
Sunday 2/27
January 2011 Exercise

Inspirational image of the

January 1 – January 9, 2011
1/1/11 off
Sunday 1/2/11
Monday 1/3/11 off
Tuesday 1/4/11
Wednesday 1/5/11 off
1/6/11 off
Friday 1/7/11
Saturday1/8/11 60 min low impact cardio ( brisk walk in the park
Sunday 1/9/11 60 min brisk walk, 25 squats
with jumping jacks in between , 25 side jump lunges, 75 different

January 10- January 16,

Monday 1/10/11 Back
and Biceps
, 5 min jump
rope warm up and 25 side jump lunges
Tuesday 1/11/11 45 min cardio; 20 min stairs, 25 min treadmill jogging
4.5-5.5mph speed,75 different crunches
Wednesday 1/12/11 off
Thursday 1/13/11Weight Training: Chest,
Shoulders and Tricep workout

Friday 1/14/11 off
Saturday 1/15/11 Body
Sculpt by David Kirsch
2 rounds and 30 min elliptical
1/16/11 off

January 17-
January 23, 2011

Monday 1/17/11 30 min
stair master, Weight Training: Back
and Biceps
, Legs,
3 sets of 10 crunches on stability ball
Tuesday 1/18/11 40 min stair master
Wednesday 1/19/11 Chest,Shoulders,and

Thursday 1/20/1110
Minute Fat Burning Cardio, 50 min walk,100 deep squats, 15 side lunges,15 wall

Friday 1/21/11off
1/22/11 off
Sunday 1/23/11 off

January 24- January

Monday 1/24/11Upper
Body Strength Training at home

Tuesday 1/25/11
2.5 mile jog/walk/jog/walk…
Wednesday 1/26/11 off
1/27/11 off
Friday 1/28/11 off
Saturday 1/29/11off
Sunday 1/30/11off
Monday 1/31/1112 minute burn
your Fat Workout

week challenge to exercise consistently

Week 1 May
17-23, 2010

Monday Biceps/Back, 30 min
treadmill walk 3.0-3.5 mph (intervals) elevation

Tuesday 40 min brisk walk outside, 20 min

Wednesday Chest/Sholders and triceps, 30 min treadmill 3.0mph
elevation 1.0, plus on top of that I did 3 sets of 12 dead lifts and oblique
twists sitting on a stability ball

Thursday 65 min walk outdoors on a bike

Friday off
Saturday 30min cardio, legs
Sunday off

#2 May 24-30


Tuesday 60 min cardio, biceps & back and


30 min cardio

30 min walk a treadmill 3.5mph elevation 1.5,
shoulders, triceps & Chest

60 min brisk walk on a bike trail,

60 min walk outside

Week #3 May
31- June 6

Monday 30 min walk on a treadmil 3.5 mph elevation 1.00 Biceps
& Back



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